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Stunning Views at Old Head Golf Links.

April 08, 2016

Stunning Views at Old Head Golf Links.

One of the most spectacular locations for a golf course can be found near the town of Kinsale in South West Ireland. Located on a 220 acre peninsula of land jutting out in to the Atlantic Ocean is the Old Head Golf Links. Sitting as much as 300 feet above the surging waters obviously means that there is a visual smorgasbord surrounding the golfers as they trek around the course.

The 16th hole with a storm brewing in the background.

Being so exposed on the cliffs above the Atlantic means that wind is an ever-present factor in the game of golf at Old Head. While I experienced relatively benign conditions when playing, the first day I arrived the elements were so harsh that I would have thought the course was virtually unplayable. A story I heard later was that while playing there someone had opened an umbrella to keep dry and had been lifted off the ground, a la Mary Poppins. However I have to put that story in the category of fevered imagination as I can’t quite believe a brolly would be that strong, but I have no questions in regard to the possible ferocity of the wind.

Wind, is a constant factor in golf anywhere on a links course in the UK and Ireland and so has to be accepted as part and parcel of playing in those regions. What is quite unique to Old Head is the spectacular and dramatic nature of the scenery. The view from the clubhouse is the most incredible window on nature I have seen on a golf course. Indeed one of the bar staff thought it was worth going to work just to have such a grandstand seat to view the vagaries and ever changing mood of mother nature.

The 4th hole on a picture perfect blue sky day.

Even if you don’t wish to play the course, if you can arrange to have a meal in the club restaurant it is worth it simply for the view.

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