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Spare Moments at Machrihanish.

April 14, 2016

Spare Moments at Machrihanish.

The first at Machrihanish is widely regarded as the finest start to any golf course on the planet. The drive cuts across the beach to the distant landing zone. Naturally, the more beach you take on, the shorter the second shot is to the green. At Machrihanish there is no gentle beginning to the round. The drama begins on the first tee.

I spent some time at the 3rd hole waiting for the light to be right for this image. When the sun was low enough it would illuminate the ridge in the foreground of the shot and accentuate the rolling terrain of the course. While I was waiting, (and it did take a while), I was intrigued by the contours of the green. Having a bit of time on my side I searched through the rough until I found a ball. Then I experimented on the green as to where the contours might take the ball when it made it to the putting surface.

There turned out to be a number of ways to get the ball to the same spot on the green. I would like to be able to say that this time was well spent, and helpful to my game when I actually played the course. However, my hopes and dreams far exceed my ability, and, while having a pretty fair idea where I wanted to hit my ball to make use of my well researched green contours, I'm afraid my ability with the golf clubs was unable to match the depth of my newfound knowledge.

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