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Golf Holes to Dream About

January 04, 2017

Golf Holes to Dream About

…..“Got so caught up in the place that I got sunburn on my teeth. I remember hitting great shots and some really bad ones, without a care for either. I just couldn’t stop smiling and laughing.”…

 A friend of mine from Canada, Ian Andrew, wrote those words about playing golf at Pine Valley (10th hole pictured above) and I believe they so succinctly summarize the beauty of golf.

Depending on your situation golf is either reminiscing about courses played, or destinations that are still a dream. I have been very fortunate and played so many wonderful courses around the world. An apt way of describing my golf experiences would be simply “spoilt”.

 There are a number of courses I would still like to play, but for me the only truly “dream” course is Cypress Point. The sad thing about it is that I have had it arranged on a number of occasions, only to see it fall through every time. Probably the most renowned hole on the course is the par 3, 16th, but for me the most beautiful, and I only have pictures to go by, is the previous hole, the stunning 15th, also a par 3. To play there would be a dream come true.

If Cypress Point is my object of unrequited desire, then it’s close neighbour Pebble Beach, has to be one of my fulfilled dreams. Pebble Beach was the first golf course I played outside Australia, and with its notoriety it was one I looked forward to with much anticipation. The people I played with were fun companions and I had a more than respectable score considering my golfing ability. I look back on that day with a great deal of fondness.

The 7th hole at Pebble Beach


Golf is about those magic days, but it is also intrinsically tied up with the camaraderie and community that is a part of membership of a golf club. While I have great memories of playing exceptional golf courses around the world, the best times I have on a golf course are at my golf clubs playing with my friends each week. Cypress Point may be number one on my dream list, but I am quite content turning up for my weekly fourball, playing to the best of my limited ability, and regularly losing whatever wager we have on the game.

Commonwealth Golf Club (top) and The Heritage G&CC (below) where I most enjoy playing golf with great mates.


It is difficult to explain the allure of the game to non-golfers. Why is it so much fun to traipse around a paddock hitting a ball into a small hole in the ground? If you don’t partake in the game it’s hard to understand the passion.

I would encourage you to pursue golf with whatever degree of passion you consider appropriate, and I wish you all the best in realizing your golfing dreams.


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