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Restaurant Review, And A House With A View.

September 27, 2016

Restaurant Review, And A House With A View.

There is an argument that housing sometimes detracts from the ambiance of a golf course, but one has to acknowledge that in these days many golf courses would not have been built in the first place if the housing did not exist. In most cases it is a happy co-existence between the two. There can be no argument that the house behind the 14th at Pezula Golf Club in South Africa commands an incredible view.

An experience one night in the nearby town of Knyzna leads me to pass on some advice in an area in which I have a degree of expertise somewhere between next to nothing and absolutely zilch - culinary reviews.

Sure everyone eats, but not many of us are entitled to review a meal with any degree of authority. But allow me to try. It’s not that I really want to give you an opinion on the food I ate that evening, but I will give you an idea on how not to choose your fare.

Just at the entrance to the restaurant, (and I use that term loosely) a gentleman assured me that the world's best pizzas where made there.

"Are you the owner?" I asked. He assured me he wasn't, but the guy in charge looked remarkably as if they shared the same mother, so I wasn't convinced of the impartiality of the recommendation.

No particular problem so far. My real mistake came when I listened to the waiter, a young guy barely in his teens. I was hesitating a little about what to have. I asked for garlic bread. There was none on the menu, but he told me many people liked the cheesy pizza entrée. So I ordered that.

For something different I wanted the spinach, cheese cannelloni. "Sorry none tonight" he told me. “Okay” I said, “I'll have the lasagna.”

The choice was beef or chicken. I hesitated and was recommended the combination lasagna, the best of both worlds and the comforting assertion that "we get many compliments on the combination lasagna." Sold! And so I awaited my meal.

Well at least the Coke I had with it was good! The cheesy entrée was okay at best, but the lasagna was terrible. Beats me how you can make pasta have the consistency of chewing gum and be tasteless at the same time.

Every now and then food does not live up to expectations, but that was not what annoyed me so much as the fact I took the recommendation of a waiter barely old enough to offer a learned opinion on the merits of a Big Mac compared to a Whopper. But I'll know better in the future and I hope you will all learn from my experience.

Knyzna does have a very good restaurant area on the waterfront. I discovered this the next day!


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