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Trauma in Europe

August 30, 2016

Trauma in Europe

I’m not sure how wide-spread golf is in Portugal, but Praia D’el Rey Golf and Beach Resort just north of Lisbon is worth a detour if you find yourself in the area. The wonderful par-3 14th by the ocean is a photographer’s delight whose charms I succumbed to without much of a fight. Golfing wise I don’t recall what my score was, which always indicates to me that I probably massacred it big time and chose to subconsciously erase it from the memory. However I do remember returning a few times with camera in hand to make sure I had a suitable image of it.

Driving in Europe was usually a fraught exercise for me - speed and navigation were a combination I found difficult to handle. Actually, through Spain and Portugal I didn’t have too much trouble but as I was on a fairly tight schedule it seemed as if I was constantly at the wheel, going from one course to the next. A relief driver would be a god-send and fortunately the “Dear Lady of my Life” had joined me for a part of this journey and I was thinking that I might be able get some assistance motoring from one place to the next. The help in navigating was appreciated, and I thought a spell from driving would be terrific.

Alas, my dreams of driving respite came to an abrupt end at Praia D’el Rey. After breakfast at the clubhouse I went out to play the course and the “Dear Lady” drove the car 400 metres back to our accommodation. Gears, indicators, mirrors, etc, etc, were all on the wrong side of the vehicle and it was a much traumatized woman who had made her way, delicately, about 200 metres down the road only to be confronted by some maniac in a huge truck driving directly towards her on the wrong side of the road. I think she vowed then and there that if the locals were not to be trusted on the road then her driving experience of 200 metres was more than enough.

It was at about this point in time that she realized that it was in fact her good self who was on the wrong side of the road. But her resolve never wavered, she parked the car back at the accommodation and never drove another inch for the rest of the trip!


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