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Golf Holes To Dream About

Book details: 12 inches x 12 inches. 100 pages, (plus 2 if personalised). Allow 14 days for delivery, although we do try to get it to you much quicker than that.

A unique feature of the books from David Scaletti Photography is the option to personalise your book by adding a double page spread in the preliminary section of the book for just $10 extra. Imagine the delight of your friends, colleagues, or clients, when they open their book and find a personalised thank you to them. You can place your company logo, a photo of friends, a personal message, or any other suitable note in the book. It’s really quite simple.

Begin by choosing the edition of book you want, High Definition (Collectors) or LayFlat (Premium), and whether you want to add personalised pages.



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It's not all blue skies and gentle breezes

Many golf books tell us how to play a particular hole, the architectural merits of a course, and its history, but Golf Holes To Dream About gives you the back stories to my experiences photographing courses around the world.

Topless bathers in St Maxime! Spinning a cart 360 degrees on the 4th hole at Merion Golf Club? Exotic warm-ups in South Korea, to name a few. The stories are not as wild as might be imagined, but they're not all about the golf courses. However, rest assured, the courses are all places most golfers would love to play.

The Premium Edition

The Premium Edition of Golf Holes To Dream About features the amazing layflat binding technology that allows a double page spread to be viewed unimpeded in the middle by a gutter fold cutting through an image. Printed on a four colour Indigo press using ElectroInk be assured your book is of the highest print quality.

The Collectors Edition

The Collectors Edition of Golf Holes To Dream About features the finest quality printing available. Our technology gives us the ability to utilise the finest quality printing on high definition, heavy weight 250gsm paper printed at a spectacular 2400dpi using 7 dye based inks. The end result is an unparalleled photographic quality to the book. The process is similar to that used to produce art quality giclee prints. Each book is bound in a black Buckram Linen cover.

Terms and Conditions:

David Scaletti Photography reserves the right to not produce any item that it reasonably believes is offensive, pornographic, or in any way inappropriate.

Further, we require that the copyright in the photographs and images used in variable pages is held by you, or you have permission to use the material. You are solely responsible for the unauthorised use of copyright material.

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