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In the very near future David Scaletti Golf Photography will be able to offer a range of digital online books.

The first release will be Golf Holes To Dream About a compilation of some of the blogs on this site and other stories from my travels around the world.

Following that, my good friend, and author, Paul Daley and I have been working on our first book together since we published The Sandbelt - Melbourne's Golfing Heaven in 2001. More on that soon.

Both books will be available within a couple of months.

I look forward to presenting these and other books in the near future.

David Scaletti

....and, just a sneak preview!



The advent of online printing and production has enabled publishing of small run editions and personalisation of books.

Our technology also gives the ability to utilise the finest quality printing on high definition, heavy weight 250gsm paper printed at a spectacular 2400dpi using 7 dye based inks. The end result is an unparalleled photographic quality to the book. The process is similar to that used to produce art quality giclee prints.

An alternative, and with little reduction in the quality of the printing is LayFlat technology which allows a double page spread to be printed across a single, flat sheet of paper eliminating the traditional "gutter" in the middle. Printed on 200gsm paper utilizing an Indigo 4 colour digital press your will be amazed at the quality of production.

Whichever version you choose, you can be assured that the quality of your book will be superb.

A unique feature of the books from David Scaletti Photography is the option to personalise your book by adding a double page spread in the preliminary section of the book. Imagine the delight of your friends, colleagues, or clients, when they open their book and find a personalised thank you to them. You can place your company logo, a photo of friends, a personal message, or any other suitable note in the book. It’s really quite simple.

All this will be delivered to your doorstep within 14 days of placing your order, and in all cases we try to be considerably quicker in having your book handed to you.