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Frequently Asked Questions - Books

What are the System Requirements?

The ordering and design systems are online. You will need internet connection to access the order process, and we recommend using a computer or tablet if you are designing your own variable page.


Are there any shipping costs?

No, worldwide shipping is free of charge.


Can I design my pages in my own design program?

Yes. If you are able to use InDesign, or a similar design program, you can design your pages independently. Save your files as a .png and load on to the appropriate page.


Can I add my own photos to the design?

Yes. Save you images as .jpeg files and upload them to the design page. By using the Advanced Editing function you can add as many picture boxes as you wish.


Do I have design options within the website program?

There is a default layout that appears when you first log in to the books. This is a simple image box and text box which has easy editing possibilities, but has limitations. For much greater options click on the tool bar button:

and this will take you to the advanced editing options


Can I order a second copy of my book?


You can buy multiple copies of your book when you make your original order. If you wish to order more copies at a later date, log in to your account, duplicate the book you first ordered, give it a new title so you know which book it is, and complete your order.

If you wish to change your personal page you can re-design it, add other photos, or change the text as required.


Can I send books to multiple addresses?

Each order can only be sent to a single address. For multiple addresses you will need to duplicate your book as detailed in Can I order a second copy of my book and send a book to each of the addresses.


How long will it take for my book to be delivered?

Your book will take two weeks to be produced and shipped. Generally this would be the longest period of time we allow for. Usually, you will receive your book quicker than this, but we allow some time to allow for any issues in quality control.


Is there a Help-Desk is I have any problems?

Yes. Phone our Australian production partners on their help line 1300 553 448 during office hours - 9-5 AEST.