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Meet David

David Scaletti's Background 

Based in Melbourne, Australia, David has been a freelance professional photographer since graduating from The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Arts (Photography) in 1988. The first 9 - 10 years were spent in the field of commercial and advertising photography carrying out assignments for direct clients, various advertising agents, and graphic designers. Clients included Tourism Victoria, Department of Immigration, Telstra, Pasminco Mining, National Australia Bank, Victorian Arts Centre and many others. Having always being a passionate golfer, David's interest in golf course photography began as a result of inability to find a quality calendar of local golf courses.


David’s Approach to Golf Course Photography

All golfers like to hear the words “Nice shot.” In my case it doesn’t very often reflect directly on my latest effort with a golf club, but rather a golfing arena recorded with a camera. The position a golf shot is played from is dictated by how well we struck our previous stroke and how strategically we planned the route to the hole. But what decisions are involved with photographing a golf hole?

Attempting to describe the evaluation process in choosing a spot to place my tripod is not easy. Photography is a subjective task and if a number of elements exist in the scene then I tend to simply take the picture. Objectively describing those elements is difficult and finding those answers is almost something I don’t wish to know. Having a checklist of what constitutes a great image is not something I wish to have in my camera bag. Who knows what picture could be missed simply because the vista doesn’t fulfil the required list. Suffice to say if it looks good to me then I will attempt to record the scene.



Surrounding scenery, interesting foreground, be that bunkers, wild grasses, water hazards etc are what I look for. Generally speaking a wide expanse of fairway in the foreground looks boring to me and I try to avoid it. An exception to this would be distinct undulations in the fairway highlighted by the sun late in the evening or just after sunrise. The shapes and contours of the fairway are thus accentuated by the shadows and highlights and suddenly the boring swathe of green has interesting definition. In the absence of these bumps and hillocks, and a broader interesting landscape surrounding the hole, I try to utilise the curves of the first cut of rough to draw the viewer’ eyes towards the flag. 

If golfers are taken back to the scene of past glories, made to wince at the memory of failed bravado or enticed to play a new course by the view I saw, then I consider the photograph to be successful. However this is not the only manner to gauge the performance. To a great degree the finest compliments come from non golfers. Those who play the game can easily appreciate a photograph because they understand the aim of the game and what constitutes the challenges. But the finest buzz comes when someone who doesn’t know the difference between a driver and a sand wedge wonders at the beauty of a golf hole. “ I thought a golf course was a stretch of grass with a hole at the end. I didn’t realise it was so varied and beautiful.” That kind of surprised reaction to a golf course photograph from a non golfer is my ultimate compliment.


Highlights From Golf Photography

  • Conceived and self-published “The Sandbelt – Melbourne’s Golfing Heaven”
  • Self published local golf calendar “Fairways to Heaven”
  • Named in world top 10 golf course photographers by the New York magazine “The Golfer”
  • Photographed “Planet Golf” published by Harry N Abrams, New York
  • Photographed The Moonah and The Old Course for the history of “The National Golf Club” published by The National Golf Club.
  • Wrote and published “Golf – it’s a funny game” published by Lothian Books Australia
  • Photographer for “The Melbourne Sandbelt Australia. Classic Golf” published by Tourism Victoria
  • Photographer for “The Royal Melbourne Golf Club. History of the Courses” by John S Green, published by Royal Melbourne Golf Club
  • Licensee for The Presidents Cup 1998 at The Royal Melbourne Golf Club
  • Licensee for The World Matchplay 2001 at Metropolitan Golf Club
  • Licensee for The Presidents Cup 2011 at The Royal Melbourne Golf Club


Contact David

David is based in Melbourne, Australia

Mob: +61 (0)412 173 149