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Book details: 11 inches x 8.5 inches. 80 pages, (plus 2 if personalised). Allow 14 days for delivery, although we do try to get it to you much quicker than that.

A unique feature of the books from David Scaletti Photography is the option to personalise your book by adding a double page spread in the preliminary section of the book for just $10 extra. Imagine the delight of your friends, colleagues, or clients, when they open their book and find a personalised thank you to them. You can place your company logo, a photo of friends, a personal message, or any other suitable note in the book. It’s really quite simple.

Each book is presented with an elegant, sophisticated, European Burgundy Buckram linen cover. Perfect for long time care as a gift.


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“Golf … it’s a funny game”

Originally published 2004 using conventional printing and publishing methods, I regained the rights to the book a number of years ago and can now offer “Golf … it’s a funny game” in all the glory of 2400dpi printing with 7 dye based inks. It is glorious!

“Golf … it’s a funny game” is a collection of images captured in the pre-digital era of photography (I must be old), accompanied by short recollections of mine about taking the photos. I also sourced quotes from various world luminaries about their experiences in golf and matched them to my pictures and words. How could I ever have imagined that a certain property tycoon in New York City, who allowed a quote to be used, would now be The President of the United States.

The world is a funny place, not just golf!

You’ll find words of golfing wisdom from such stars as Jack Nicklaus, P. G Wodehouse, Muhammad Ali, Bob Hope, and others.

Perhaps my favourite comes from a man with the pseudonym of Redanman, “Golf is somewhere between a religion and a disease.”

As with other books there is the opportunity to personalise “Golf…it’s a funny game” by adding a double page spread to make the book that something special as a gift.

Terms and Conditions:

David Scaletti Photography reserves the right to not produce any item that it reasonably believes is offensive, pornographic, or in any way inappropriate.

Further, we require that the copyright in the photographs and images used in variable pages is held by you, or you have permission to use the material. You are solely responsible for the unauthorised use of copyright material.

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